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You Need Do These Steps to Optimize Your Social Media-based Sales!


We already know that so far social media is very reliable to promote something, whatever it is! Social media is a big phenomenon that has changed the way people communicate with each other. We now have a variety of social media presented at the dinner table; of course we just need to use some of the most popular ones like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Lots of traditional promotional methods are eroded and then forgotten due to the arrival of social media. Now we will not discuss how effective social media to promote. We will discuss about how their role to keep customers stay.

Anything relating to the business of keeping customers dependent on us as a producer can be replaced by a single phrase, retention! Yes, we do not just introduce products just to see them (potential customers) see, buy, and then go to other vendors when they need the same thing. We need to make them dependent even when needing some kind of product (the kind of products we also sell), they remember us. We need a condition where as if we are representative of the kind of product we sell. If described in plain language, if you sell car perfume, try as many people as possible will remember us as a seller of quality car perfumes.

Now the question is “how can we improve customer retention by using social media?” The key is to make you (your company) look so prominent. By making your company stand out then you make it look easier to find. Many amateur marketers arbitrarily just create an account to market their products and they only update post without considering things like tags, keywords, platform identification, vanity URLs, and so on. They do not consider because they do not know!
There are at least some important parameters in increasing customer retention:

Identify platform

You certainly cannot generalize all applications. You need to sort out which app is best suited for your product! You need to see which app is capable of generating significant clicks. You can use Google Adword Conversion for that. Using multiple tools (Google Adword Conversion is one of them); you can track your customer’s tendency to use social media to find products. All are not the same since some segments choose Facebook and some others choose Twitter in finding what they are looking for.

This is a kind of metadata tag that serves to redirect searches according to the keywords typed. You can choose popular hastags and the hashtag applications indispensable if you use Instagram as your promotional media. Do not forget to always include the hashtags every time you post something. Of course you need to select only hashtags that are related to what you are selling.


This is something often forgotten by amateur marketers. The logo will strengthen your company image. Most potential buyers will first see the logo before they decide to buy. You should be careful in this regard because the nature of the logo is “permanent”. You cannot simply switch between logos because this action will only make your company’s credibility decrease.

Cross promotion

This is used if you use more than one social media for the same purpose. You may encounter limitations in Twitter then you need to include links to other social media accounts that would otherwise overcome those limitations.