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Why don’t you use your Twitter account to get money online?

make money twitter

Twitter is one of the three most popular social media platforms in the world with Facebook and Instagram. This is a microblogging platform, a blogging platform with limited word character, approximately 200 words. Today Twitter is not the only microblogging platform; we can find other similar platforms like Plurk, Jaiku, and Moofmill. However Twitter far outstrips its rivals. Associated with its popularity, this platform triggered a “social revolution” in the Internet world. Many people use Twitter for various purposes, both in terms of politics, business, and humanity. This article will discuss how to use Twitter to earn a lot of money, or in other words how to get rich by using Twitter!

There are at least some ways that we can use to make money online. Using Twitter to earn money is one part of making money online. Most users do not know the hidden secrets in Twitter so they only use this app for some non-essential activities like griping and so on.

Let’s to the point, you can run some methods below to get rich in playing Twitter!


Many amateur online marketers do not understand the definition of crowdsource. Basically, crowdsource can be interpreted as an attempt to solicit ideas and even financial contributions from the wider community. You can ask the public (your followers) to fund your idea or business. Of course, make sure your business can benefit the people. As one method of money collection, crowdsource was once a darling medium a few years ago. You need to conduct a case study on why a group of people would fund a business that is not owned by them.

Selling products with wide promotional reach

It’s sure that you can imagine what it means by selling products online and how the linkage between online marketing with Twitter as a microblogging application. The more followers of your account the easier it will be to market your product. The easier you market your product the easier you earn money. Very simple!

Personal Twitter service

As a Twitter user, you can create your own Twitter service. When you have a lot of spectators, you should already know what they expect from you. The point of “personal service” is that you should create an app that is compatible with Twitter. Of course make sure the apps created can fulfill what they want. For example, many users love the hashtag-generating app automatically. You may be able to make some modifications. If you do not have the ability to do that then you can seek freelance help like Fiverr.
Sponsored Tweets

Imagine you are acting as a very popular media entrepreneur so that many people contact you to promote their products. In “Instagram world”, this method is called endorsement. When you have so many followers you can promote your account as a paid promotional media. You can earn a lot of money!

Twitter contest

Nothing can catch the attention of many people in a short time besides the prize contest! You can take the initiative to promote contest prizes held by Twitter in return for money from the percentage of incoming sales. Act like a professional event organizer!

We hope this brief article can help you in exploring ideas for making a lot of money through Twitter. Good luck!

Why don’t you use your Twitter account to get money online?
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Why don’t you use your Twitter account to get money online?
How to make money with your Twitter account
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